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Sine last Five years I have been working as a Web Content Writer, Publisher and Online Marketer majorly in Word News and Updates. I am working hard on collecting resourceful Latest News including the latest celebrity News, Hollywood news and latest happenings in the entertainment world. I believe in giving my readers full and authentic news according to the subject not taking any second chances of improvises. I have successfully completed my diplomas in online content writing, SEO Optimization and Keyword Research. So for this project of lenet3000.com i have done my best in compiling the best techniques and methods of making this site more user-friendly with easy to read content and simple navigation methods. Since then i have consistently increased metrics relating to lead generation, sales, client boarding and retention, newsletter signups, memberships, website traffic, search engine results placements and more. I have made special marketing plans, Marketing Ideas, reworked brands, increased brand reach, refined product strategies and discovered new niche markets and strategic partnerships.


I am having the great pleasure of working with Qasem Ali (lenet3000.com) since last 2 years and have seen his dedication towards his work especially when it concerns the content readers, affiliates and in making good strategies for research and i would be more then happy to recommend Qasem Ali’ Online marketing and affiliate services to anyone in need. He has the perfect skills for today’s marketing world with his best SEO techniques, Marketing Ideas and their implementations.

Emanuel, CEO, NIMS Int. I.T Solutions.

For me Qasem Ali of lenet3000.com is a visionary of our modern technological era of Online Marketing and master in combination of pieces towards a master piece. His latest work “lenet3000.com” is a unique combinations of content if simplest form yet entertaining and knowledgeable, good SEO techniques, effective marketing plans and good affiliate marketing ideas. I will recommend Qasem Ali of lenet3000.com to anyone who needs in building a good contest based website/ Online Journal and to use online marketing to enhance their business.

Abby Mehoo, Director, Tinker Technologies and I.T Consultants.